This Matrimonial Project aims to assist brothers and sisters in finding a righteous spouse as well as aid and assist with the wedding planning and the actual wedding day. Marriage is a blessing and is an encouraged sunnah. Sadly many people get married for the wrong reasons and are unaware of what a marriage is all about therefore we are seeing an increased divorce rate even within the Muslim community. Allah dislikes divorce and it is something that can be avoided if we find a spouse that has an understanding of the deen .

Many people go into marriages expecting marriages to be like what they see in Bollywood or Disney movies. Sadly the reality is different. There are many new roles and responsibilities one has to undertake once married. Islam very clearly mentions what the rights of a wife are and similarly what the rights of the husband are. If each one of the spouses concentrate on fulfilling the others rights there will be no room for arguments and the outcome will in sha Allah be a happy marriage.

Naturally when you have 2 people living together you are going to have differences and misunderstandings but if you have maturity and understanding of deen you will deal with it in an appropriate manner and deal with the issues according to Quran and Sunnah.

At Stepping Stones 2 Wisdom & InviteToIslam Matrimonial project we aim to provide the following:


  • Assisting you in finding a Muslim partner who understand their role in a marriage and want their marriage like you to be a means of you getting closer to Allah and completing your deen.
  • Once you have found a potential spouse and finalised with families we provide for both sister and brother to attend the masjid separately, so an imam can speak to the brother explaining what marriage is about, your roles and responsibilities and informing you of your rights as a husband and what the rights of the wife are. Similarly an aalimah meeting with the sister and telling you what marriage entails and what your role and responsibilities are as well as your rights and your husbands rights. This is so both brother and sister are aware of Islamic expectations in a marriage and can start of with a good start in the marriage in sha Allah.
  • Classes, discussions and events on polygamy.
  • Offering support and advice if you are finding it difficult to marry due to cultural and nationalist issues.
  • If you are a victim of forced marriage or know someone that is, offering relevant support. As you must know forced marriage is a cultural issue and is not an Islamic practice.
  • General advise on marriage prior to marriage and ongoing advice from respected imams and aalimahs once your married and if you need advice.


We can also assist with the following in sha Allah:


  • How to have a Muslim wedding?
  • Who pays for what in a wedding?
  • Simple steps to planning your Muslim Wedding
  • Ways to be your beautiful modest best for the Muslim bride
  • Ideas for simple Muslim inexpensive weddings
  • Mistakes to avoid for your Muslim Wedding
  • How to pick the wedding venue?
  • How to pick the wedding caterer?
  • How to pick the wedding planner?
  • How to pick the wedding decorator?


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Email: [email protected]

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